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No Limit: The Texas Hold 'Em Guide to Winning i...
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Poker is tightly woven into the fabric of American culture. Phrases like "ace in the hole", "calling a bluff", "up the ante", and "when the chips are down" are all part of everyday speech. The game is played by hundred of thousands of people online 24 hours a day, and shows like Celebrity Poker Showdown have given this hobby even more far-reaching exposure.Texas hold 'em is considered the best-known, most-played variety of the game. As many executives, including Bill Gates, have discovered, winning at poker has more in common with winning in business than meets the eye. Now, everyone who wants to make more money and succeed in business can use these cunning strategies to their full advantage - at the card table and at the conference table.Following on the popularity of his best seller The Art of War for Executives, author Donald G. Krause, along with co-author Jeff Carter, reveals practical advice for outmaneuvering opponents and achieving success, effectively transferring tactics for winning at Texas hold 'em to every competitive arena. Readers will discover how to:Develop the characteristics needed to win - including confidence, patience, and logicMaster no-limit tactics like deception, discipline, and observationOvercome the causes of failure that can trip up any playerUse strategies like reading the table, bluffing, spotting bluffs, and finding and exploiting small edgesUseful, entertaining, and shrewd, this is the only book that shows readers how to use hold 'em poker to beat the competition, no matter the odds. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Tom Aaron. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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