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Experience the spell-binding beauty of Belaya Gora and the Kungur Cave.The Belogorsky (White Hill) monastery, one of the most beautiful one in the Ural Region, is on the top of the Belaya Gora. Approaching the Belaya Gora you can see the huge Cathedral of the Elevation of the Cross. You can have a wonderful panorama from the top of the mountain.Kungur Ice Caveis the finalist of the All-Russian competition “Seven Wonders of Russia”. The Kungur Ice Cave is a symbol of Kungur city and a peculiar calling card of the Perm Region. It is situated on the north-eastern outskirts of the Kungur city, on the right bank of the Sylva River. The Kungur Ice Cave was given its name thanks to its perennial cold, ice crystals and the snow-white laces of the cavern hoarfrost. The specialists consider it as the only gypsum cave with the vast glaciation in the world.• Guaranteed skip-the-line entrance

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